Value placed on safety

Quality, occupational safety and environmental friendliness are constant prerogatives of the company’s policies.
Production systems at Reca Plast ensure the conditions set by the strictest applicable quality standards and manufacturing good practices, defined in EC regulation no. 2023/2006, also referred to as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
In addition, the majority of the production plants is connected to a monitoring system which allows the control of production progress in real time.
Production of housewares takes place in a food-grade safety environment: the company is in a position to provide customers with certifications regarding the traceability of the raw materials used and, if necessary, declarations of conformity with M.O.C.A. food contact certification, for the control of the supply chain of “Materials and Objects that come into Contact with Food”.
The various Reca Plast departments comply with the occupational safety management and control system according to BS OHSAS 18001:2007, as certified by the RINA body; to guarantee greater safety, company staff attend regular training and refresher courses on regulations and their application.
Reca Plast has always been careful to respect the environment, and for some years now, the company uses energy originating from renewable sources such as the photovoltaic plant fitted on the roof of the main facility building.


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