Planning and design:

technical components and housewares

Reca Plast pays special attention in the development of products, both for its own brand and for its customers, starting from product design up to the structural analysis, in a process which allows to optimize production costs. Qualified technicians daily strive to provide effective solutions for the industrialization of any kind of idea, by using advanced CAD-CAM softwares and rapid prototyping machines. The solutions offered by Reca Plast reflect the design and modeling potential of its engineering department, valuable both in developing technical components as well as everyday housewares. Functionality is a necessary condition for the development of products: design and styling are a company added value that represent Made in Italy.

Mould making

Over the years, Reca Plast has gained a solid experience also in the construction of moulds, represented by the specialized in-house mechanical workshop, with 8 CNC machines, including machining centers and milling machines; 1 CNC boring machine; 1 wire EDM and 1 die sinking EDM machine; 1 CNC lathe machine with motorized turret; 1 grinding machine; and other essential tools for tooling and adjusting activities.

The workshop has been expanded with the growth of potential and needs of the departments dedicated to plastics processing: today, the fleet of machines in fact allows the implementation of moulds measuring up to 1500×1300 mm in size and weighing up to 10 tonnes. Besides, the mechanical workshop represents an important added value for the company: it guarantees an efficient ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, both for the molds and for the plant, also on behalf of third parties.





Injection moulding

The company’s core business, today the injection moulding department, has a significant fleet of machines capable of covering a range from 35 up to 1.000 tonnes for parts of up to 3.000 gr. The department is equipped with leading-edge technologies, such as co-injection systems (dedicated to the bi-material moulding) and gas-injection moulding plants. On-board control units allow self-diagnosis and process control. In addition, the presses are served by robots, selection systems and collection, labeling systems and automatic packing that streamline the production cycle.
The main materials used are: polypropylene, ABS, thermoplastic rubber, nylon, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polystyrene, PMMA and SAN, also with self-extinguishing properties, for an average overall consumption of more than 1.000 tonnes a year.

Extrusion and blow moulding

Reca Plast also deals in the blowing of plastic materials, thanks to a cutting-edge fleet of machines. Production avail itself of injection-stretch-blow molding technology, in order to realize bottles and hollow components in PVC up to 1000 cc and in PE up to 3000 cc. We also adopt the extrusion-blow moulding technology to produce co-extruded bi-material bottles up to 500 cc, with soft touch effect, both in PE and PP.

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